Green Awards, Open House & Green Roof Party
by Toby Barazzuol on Tuesday Oct 6, 2009

As a recognition awards company, we’re usually focused on creating beautiful recognition awards for other people (our clients) to recognize each other with.  Last Friday though, we held our first annual open house and green roof party and spent the day celebrating and recognizing many of the people that we work with, including many of our own clients.  What a day it turned out to be!  The picture above shows our green roof with the sun coming out to receive our guests.

We met with dozens of our clients over the course of the day, many whom we’ve worked with for years, but had only known through email and by phone.  There is definitely something special about meeting face to face, and also sharing the space where all of our work is done.   We've worked with one of our clients, Silverbirch Hotels, for close to 8 years and finally had a chance to meet in person and show them where their awards are designed and how they are actually made.  This really added some depth to our relationship as well as a new understanding that there are good people here taking care of things for them.

Though we’ve been making crystal awards for over 10 years now, this was our first open house and first chance to share our newly renovated green building.  We’ve worked for over 2 years to create an inspiring and healthy work space with natural light and a living green roof.  We believe that if our team is happy, then the awards we create will reflect that, and the final award recipients will be able to feel and appreciate it.

The event was also a great occasion to launch some of new “Living Edge” green awards (pictured above) that are made from reclaimed wood, glass and aluminum.  Also on display were our Inukshuks made from reclaimed crystal, and both our Emerald recycled glass awards and Cobalt recycled glass awards that are made from 100% post consumer used glass.  As more and more organizations begin to understand the value of going green, these awards will help underline their sustainability values and commitments.  Stay tuned as we will formally be adding these green awards to our product line in the coming weeks!

green awards and gifts by Eclipse Awards

A party is definitely more fun with party favors!  So we gave away some fun gifts to those who were able to visit us.  We made dozens of etched green glass holders (above) that were filled with tiny sedum cuttings from our green roof, so that people could take these home and spread the little plants to other places.  We also made up dozens of etched glass drinking bottles that were made from recycled juice bottles.  People really loved the personalized glass bottles and so we’ll be adding these to our line of green gifts and awards soon, which will also help reduce the amount of plastics that people use.

As the day turned into night, we welcomed another wave of friends and supporters for an evening of music, laughter, and conversation.  A healthy number of world changing folks from the recent Social Ventures Institute and Web of Change events helped keep things going.  There was a great energy throughout the building as new connections were made and people felt the positive energy we had put into the event.  The fact that we’re doing all of this in one of Vancouver’s most challenged neighbourhoods, makes it even more satisfying for us!

Putting on an event that spans over 16 hours is not an easy task.  Our team, as well as our friends and families, worked hard in the weeks leading up to the event, by painting our building, cleaning up, reorganizing, and remaining flexible.  We also worked closely with Saul Good Gift Co. who specializes in sustainable gift baskets and shares our office space.  The abundance of healthy and delicious food was graciously provided by oneplanet catering, another progressive local company.  Lotusland Vineyards was on hand with generous samples of their organic, small batch wines.  Guests were kept warm by SaltSpring Coffee’s organic, fair trade blends.

This open house was really rewarding and helped our clients get a better understanding of not only what we do, but how we do it, and why we do it.  Recognition is a powerful tool!  It was definitely a day of positive collaboration between local businesses and something that we’re already looking forward to doing again!

Night falls on the party at Eclipse Awards.

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Tim Tewsley - Saturday Nov 7, 2009 at 1:02am PST
Had a great time, and finally got to see your green roof too! Thank you!
James Carter - Monday Oct 19, 2009 at 11:04am PST
Great party Toby & Saul! It was a great introduction to the some very brilliant and committed people. Many thanks guys!



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