by Toby Barazzuol on Thursday Feb 19, 2009

As most of you know, Eclipse Awards is about more than crystal awards and recognition...we also put a great value on sustainability and our community.  In fact, I usually contribute about 20% of my time towards building a stronger, happier and healthier community in Strathcona where Eclipse is located.  One of the main projects I've been focussed on over the past few years involves working to create a Green Zone or sustainable business community through the Strathcona Business Improvement Association (SBIA).

The idea is based on the assumption that understanding sustainability is the single greatest investment that a business can make towards its future success.

However, there also comes a point where a business has gone as green as it can on it's own...there are limits to what you can do once you've minimized your footprint and gone carbon neutral.  So eventually businesses need to look at ways to collaborate with one another and share resources in order to reach the next level of sustainability.

Which leads us back to the focus on community.  We want to develop a community that not only supports, but celebrates sustainable thinking, green businesses and the arts.  Creating things like a materials exchange network, a zero emissions courier to faciiltate the movement of goods, a complementary currency to spur the local economy, and urban gardens to grow food are all ways of realizing a green business community where collaboration is favored over competition.

Our Green Zone movement recieved a big boost today as Canada's federal government, through the Western Economic Diversification Fund, the City of Vancouver and other groups, committed $60,000 to help the SBIA develop it's mission to "educate members about the business case for environmental and social sustainability;  provide them with the tools and resources sustainability as it relates to their organization; and develop the broader community that will both support and attract green businesses".

Our world is changing quickly, and in many ways this gives us the opportunity to find newer and healthier ways of doing business, newer and healthier ways of treating each other and our planet.

Thank you Western Economic Diversification Canada for believing in and funding our vision of a stronger and healthier community based on sustainability.

Here is a link to a similar article from New York announcing the event, though I'm not sure what this one says as it's in Chinese :)

Wow, this one made it all the way into the China News!



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