by Toby Barazzuol on Monday Jan 5, 2009

Snowed in and working alone at Eclipse Awards over the past few weeks has given me time for some deep thought.  Not only did we end 2008, we also ended our first decade in business.  Ten years in business can provide you with insights into a lot of different things, if you’re open to seeing them.  Over that time, our awards have brought happiness to a lot of people and I’m proud of the trust that we’ve built with all of our clients by delivering on our promises, consistently.  I’m proud of the team that we have at Eclipse Awards, not only for their skills, but because of the way they conduct themselves as people. I’m also really pleased at how we’ve been able to embrace sustainability and explore what that means as a business in the real world.

Five years ago we moved from Vancouver's funky Yaletown to Strathcona in the Downtown Eastside, considered by many to be one of the most challenged neighbourhoods in North America.  This is definitely a community in transition and one of our goals was to make a positive and substantial contribution towards building a healthy and balanced community .  Though there is still much to do, I’m really happy with where we’re at and the direction we’re going.  Some 2008 milestones were:

2009 promises to be interesting, with recognition becoming even more vital to companies looking to retain their staff.  After all, is anything more important to an organization than its people?  We will continue to focus on crystal awards while also developing more green awards made out of other sustainable materials.  We’ll put more resources into communicating with our clients, while always maintaining our commitment to excellent quality and service.  We enjoy setting the pace in the awards and recognition industry and will continue to explore new and beautiful ways to help you recognize and appreciate the people in your lives.  We hope you’ll continue to check back in as we learn to weave excellence with sustainability, business with community, and art with recognition.



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