the second green roof this year
by Toby Barazzuol on Friday Nov 21, 2008

Well, after several months of designing and planning, we finally completed the second portion of our new green roof at Eclipse Awards.  This roof was designed more as a green amenity space for staff that will be focussed on growing food.  Once it's finished, the roof will be ringed by planter boxes that will provide everyone here with a small gardening plot.  The "green island" in the center includes Irises, Lemon Thyme, and woodland strawberries.  I love looking through the skylights and seeing the grass and sky.

Crystal awards and green roofs may seem like an unusual combination.  Yet every organization needs to look at creative ways to reduce their environmental footprint while also creating happy and healthy work spaces.  Green roofs are an amazing way to accomplish both.  In fact, the other green roof that we completed earlier this year has alread saved a lot in terms of both heating and cooling, while also providing space for growing vegetables and additional green space for insects and birds.

We worked closely with Erika Richmond Green Roof Design to create both of these beautiful green spaces.  I can't recommend her enough if you're considering a project like this.  Thanks Erika!



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