Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Beautiful craftsmanship, responsive service and reliability are simply the fundamentals of our company mission at Eclipse Awards.   Yet how we treat the environment, the way we contribute to our community, and the health and happiness of our team are all equally important considerations.

We believe that our role is to consistently deliver on the promises that we make to our clients, and in doing so, make decisions that respect the environment, that use resources efficiently, that minimize waste and that strive for simplicity over complexity.   Is true sustainability ever really possible?  It’s a lofty ideal that presents us with challenges every day - some we solve with creativity, some we solve with better design, and some we’re still working on, but we get closer every day.

Ultimately, sustainability boils down to community.  What kind of community to we want to live in?  What are the things that we value and prioritize?  Who are the people that we reward and recognize?  These are questions we can already answer.

Below is a list of some of our commitments that we've made in the process of becoming carbon neutral in 2010:

Eclipse Awards Environmental Action Plan
To reduce our carbon footprint, Eclipse Awards is targeting a 20% reduction in CO2 by 2013 from 2007 levels.  In order to achieve this, we have created a 5 year action plan that identifies some opportunities for the company to reduce its carbon footprint.


  • Employee training and energy reduction campaign (completed, succesful)
  • Upgrading new office space to a “green building”, by installing energy efficient toilets, lighting, skylights, ventilation.
  • Installation of a new green roof to moderate the temperature and lessen use of air conditioning and heat.
  • Improved recycling program to encompass more products.
  • Switch from delivered bottled water to filtered tap water.
  • Zero-emissions vehicle incentive: Eclipse Awards will pay up to $450 towards the purchase of a zero emissions vehicle (electric scooter, bicycle, hybrid car), if that vehicle will be used as the primary mode of transportation between work and home.
  • Green exercise incentive: Eclipse Awards will pay employees $0.30 cents for each kilometer walked to work, and $0.20 cents for each kilometer biked to work.
  • Public Transportation Initiative: where an employee uses a bus pass as their primary means of transportation to work, Eclipse Awards will pay 50% of the cost of the pass.
  • Sign up with Zip Car, and attempt to get a car placed in the neighborhood


  • Purchase and replace printer with a new duplex printer to reduce paper footprint.
  • Work with suppliers to reduce materials used in products.
  • Source new locally produced “green products”.
  • Source greener shipping materials.
  • Grow vegetables and produce on green roof to reduce “food miles”.
  • Increase inventory levels and decrease orders placed from suppliers to minimize shipping.


  • Disconnect hot water tank and go to 100% gas on demand.


  • Purchase and install a solar water heating system.
  • Purchase and install a turbine electricity system.


    • Explore a more efficient heating system and additional opportunities to reduce energy consumption.






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